After Henry’s parents are killed during a home invasion, the high school computer programming prodigy invents a form of electrotherapy may enhance the behavior it was designed to destroy. From writer / director, Jacob Chase.


On the eve of a rare solar eclipse, in a town stuck decades in the past, Sooz, Del and Tommy are three young teens struggling to keep their childhood from slipping away. When Tommy comes to Sooz in the middle of the night with a broken arm, they turn to murder to save him from his abusive uncle. She sees him for the pig that he is and she’s killed pigs before.


Best friends Nora and Amy have spent 4 years together as student drivers of their college’s “safety shuttle” – or as the other students affectionately call it, “the Drunk Bus”. But after being forced to take the final shift of the year on their graduation night, they find their friendship, future plans, and driving skills put to the test as they learn that life isn’t always about where you’re heading, but the journey you take to get there.


Based on real events in 1950s Hollywood, THE YOUNG ONES tells the story of visionary director Nicholas Ray and his journey making the groundbreaking film REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.


Based on the novel LANDED by Scottish author Louise Ramsay, LANDED depicts the struggle to rewild the land around the MacUltans crumbling castle and home by the modern day matriarch of an ancient clan whose ancestors put a blessing on the land – not a curse. To preserve the poetry of life.


When Zack, a 20-something writer, moves from Maine to Hollywood to pursue his career dreams, he meets his favorite actress, Sally Kirkland, who hires him on the spot to be her personal assistant, and so much more.




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